September edition

Welcome to the September edition.


In this edition we explore the Intraverbal and the research into the development and teaching of Intraverbal behaviours. I describe the side effects of punishment consequences in the terminology section. There are links to the ‘Do Better‘ Movement in the study section. The NET section includes suggestions for including a variety of targets when playing with the trampoline, which is a highly motivating activity for many of our learners! Also we celebrate the career of Julie Vargas and the product section includes a wish list with turn taking games which are great for developing and generalising turn taking and other social skills. There are also some exciting up coming events to check out!

Preview of the September edition. Click Link below to view full version

This edition is also an interview edition and this month I am excited to announce that I have been joined by Todd Ward, PhD, BCBA-D. Todd Ward is the President and Founder of Behavioral Science in the 21st Century (bSci21) which is a blog site that offers a variety of services, course and information that aims to disseminate Behaviour Analysis.

Preview of the Interview with Todd Ward. Click link below to view full version

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Have a great month


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