Welcome to the Busy Analytical Bee website. Here you can find out more about Busy Analytical Bee and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

“Development and Dissemination”

The Newsletter

Busy Analytical Bee aims to promote development and dissemination within the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

The newsletter was first introduced in June 2014. The newsletters contain a research topic, terminology, upcoming events (UK and Ireland), Natural Environment Teaching (NET) ideas with references to the Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) targets, and much more!  It also included an interview four times a year. The final edition of the newsletter was released on December 2020.

The Newsletter is aimed at any professionals and parents, interested in ABA who live and/or work in the UK. It was released once a month around the 1st of each month, and is released via the blog on this website. You can also see our catalogue of topics from previous editions; all editions are available for free, today.

There is also a Facebook page and Twitter page to support the newsletter and to share additional information. 

If you wish share your feedback, please email mailto:busyanalyticalbee@gmail.com, use the form below or leave a comment below. Alternatively, click here.

The Blog

The blog was designed to discuss theories in relation to events that happen in my day-to-day life or in the news. I hope this will promote understanding and further disseminate Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Although the monthly newsletter is no longer released, there are blog posts released regularly. You can read it now by clicking here…

The Facebook/Twitter page

The social media pages are a way to communicate with the followers and people who are interested in Busy Analytical Bee. I will post on here when I have a new blog post. I also use these platforms to share upcoming events, and information from the field. 

The Author

Busy Analytical Bee is produced and written by Kirsty Angel M.Sc. BCBA. Kirsty has been working in the field for five years, following completing her Masters Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) at Bangor University. Kirsty has had a variety of experiences, working with many children under the age of 16 years old. Kirsty received her Certification from the BACB in May 2015. Click here to visit Kirsty’s website.


I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (www.bacb.com), and I write this blog to disseminate information around the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis. I encourage people to use the blog to learn about ABA and to help them make important considerations about the development of Behavioural Interventions. This should ideally be overseen by a Behaviour Analyst who is a client’s case manager and follows the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. I am not able to advise or discuss specific cases or interventions. 

Thank you for visiting my site!

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