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“Development and Dissemination”


The Newsletter

Busy Analytical Bee aims to promote development and dissemination within the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

In June 2014 the first Busy Analytical Bee Newsletter was released. The newsletter contains a research topic, terminology, upcoming events (UK and Ireland), Natural Environment Teaching (NET) ideas with references to the Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) targets, and much more!  It also includes an interview four times a year. 

The Newsletter is aimed at any professionals and parents, interested in ABA who live and/or work in the UK. It is released once a month around the 1st of each month, via this website through the blog. You can also see our catalogue of topics from previous editions; all editions are available for free, today.

There is also a Facebook page and Twitter page to support the newsletter and to share additional information. 

In addition this website is to support the newsletter and is now also a blog. This is where I will discuss real-life scenarios, in which I have seen ABA in action. I hope this real-life approach will support understanding of ABA principles and promote the field further.

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter you can email ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to busyanalyticalbee@gmail.com, or alternatively, use the following form. Alternatively, click here.


The Blog

The blog was designed to discuss theories in relation to events that happen in my day-to-day life. I hope this will promote understanding and further disseminate Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). You can read it now by clicking here…


The Facebook/Twitter page

The social media pages are a way to communicate with the subscribers and people who are interested in Busy Analytical Bee. Busy Analytical Bee prides itself on not emailing subscribers, except to distribute the newsletter. It doesn’t share your email address or fill your inbox with junk. Instead I use Facebook and Twitter as a platform to share additional articles, information and more with it’s followers. You can view the Facebook page and Twitter page and learn more.


The Author

Busy Analytical Bee is produced and written by Kirsty Angel M.Sc. BCBA. Kirsty has been working in the field for five years, following completing her Masters Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) at Bangor University. Kirsty has had a variety of experiences, working with many children under the age of 16 years old. Kirsty received her Certification in May 2015.


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2018 Editions

January 2018: Devices to support Social Skills

February 2018: Reinforcement schedules

March 2018: Teaching Reading Skills and Interview Edition 

April 2018: Prader-Willi Syndrome

May 2018: – Teaching Echoics – To be released

June 2018: – Precision Teaching and Interview Edition – To be released

July 2018: – To be released

August 2018: – To be released

September 2018: – To be released

October 2018: – To be released

November 2018: – To be released

December 2018: – To be released




ABA and Gambling

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May edition

Welcome to the May edition of Busy Analytical Bee, This month we have explored echoics in the main article. I have also celebrated the career of the incredible Barbara Esch, who is a Speech Pathologist and Behaviour Analyst. She has had a great impact in bringing these two fields together. We also have some amazing …

April Edition

Welcome to the April Edition! In this edition we take a look at Prader-Willi and the associated behaviours that relate to food. We also celebrate the career of Linda LeBlanc BCBA-D, a fantastic Behaviour Analyst. There is a Natural Environment Teaching activity which is perfect for outdoors as the weather gets warmer using chalks! The …