June Edition

Welcome to the June edition.


This edition is the 48th edition, and is Busy Analytical Bee’s 4th Birthday. Thanks for all your support since 2014! Please feel free to contact me at busyanalyticalbee@gmail.com with comments or feedback!

This edition is an interview edition, and I am pleased to welcome Tracy Mapp who is a Precision Teaching (PT) expert! She has told us all about PT and gave some great recommendations for anyone who wants to learn more. The main article is about PT and we also celebrate the life of Ogden Lindsley in the ‘People Who Inspire Us’ Section! In addition there is a swinging blanket activity in the Natural Environment Teaching (NET) section, there’s a study tip, events and terminology to look at!

I hope you enjoy this edition, and continue to follow Busy Analytical Bee up to and beyond our next birthday! Thank you!!

june182.jpg Two Previews of the June edition. Click the link below to read now for free

– – – > Read Now: The June Edition < – – –


From: https://flic.kr/p/8FQ2QE





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