Water balloons

This offers a lot of opportunities to generalise targets and contrive motivation for different requests. You can help your learner with request to choose a balloon by item name, or by colour (mand 1M-5M), or quantity (mand 11e). Alternatively using a variety of actions, e.g., “fill”, “tap on”, “throw”, “tie”, and more (mand 7M)! In addition, you can generalise skills around colours (LR 10b, tact 10d) or numbers (math 11a, 12d). You could gently write on the balloons with a board pen (be careful not to pop them!) and draw shapes or letters, learners name or numbers (tact 10e, reading 13M, reading 14M, math 12M respectively), to give you an extra opportunity to generalise other skills. You could also incorporate some intraverbal responses, “balloon goes…” “Pop!”, or “One, two…” “Three!”, and “ready, steady..” “Go!” (intraverbal 6M).

Preceding skills reference to the VB-MAPP Assessment tool:

Sundberg, M. L. (2008) Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement.

Program: The VB-MAPP. Concord, CA: AVB Press.

*LR: Listener Responding

Picture from: https://flic.kr/p/qvY51p
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