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Christos Nikpolpulos: Video Modelling: March 2016

Faryaneh Akhavan: Discrete Trial Teaching: September 2014

Gemma Gilmour: Stimulus Preference Assessments: September 2017

Georgiana Barzey: Research vs Practitioners: June 2016

James Adcock: Cancer: September 2019

Jonathan Tarbox: Sleep: December 2019

Jane McCready: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Depression: December 2015

Jennifer Austin: Integrity: June 2015

Jonathan Beebee: Outcomes of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy: September 2015

Kelly Taylor-Saunders: Mand Training: March 2015

Lesley Love: Pairing: September 2016

Maria Amenabar: Time-Out Procedures: December 2017

Megan Miller: Phobias: June 2019

Nicole Reynolds: Differential Reinforcement: December 2014

PBS v. ABA: TAGteach in Sports: March 2019

Risca Solomon: Stimulus fading: December 2018

Robert Schramm: Safer Driving: June 2017

Steven Hayes: Food Refusal: March 2017

Todd Ward: Intraverbals : September 2018

Tracy Mapp: Precision Teaching: June 2018

Vincent Carbone: Role of the BCBA (The): December 2016

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