This is an activity that can allow the opportunity for many learning opportunities and you don’t have to be a great drawer (although it helps!). Drawing allows you to incorporate your learners interests whilst working on their pencil grip and handwriting skills. Any simple drawing activities will add prerequisite skills of holding a pencil correctly, making marks or showing hand dominance (writing: 12a, 11a, 11c respectively). You can also include tracing shapes or lines, copying pictures or drawing free hand or receptively (writing: 12M, 11M 15a respectively). Tracing shapes (writing: 12M) is good prerequisite or developing writing skills that can build into forming letters and numbers.  You can also use a roll of baking paper or tracing paper to trace over pictures of favourite characters or items. This can also include colouring in the picture (writing 14b), which is also a great activity for independent play skill (Independent Play: 12b). If you want to focus on colouring to support developing hand strength, and co-ordination you can find some free colouring pages through google. This way you can include your learners preferences and make the activity more motivating.

Preceding skills reference to the VB-MAPP Assessment tool:

Sundberg, M. L. (2008) Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program: The VB-MAPP. Concord, CA: AVB Press.

Picture from: https://flic.kr/p/7YQq4b
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