Decorating cakes

You can buy shop bought cakes or biscuits if you would like to extend the activity (read the November 2016 edition for more tips on baking). There are icing pens available in most supermarkets that are ideal for this, or you could make your own icing and add food colouring. Also you could add sprinkles or edible sugar decorations This activity could contrive motivation for asking for pens, different colours, help, squeeze, sprinkles, or the individual sugar decorations, etc. (Mand: 1-10M, 13M, 14M). Both you and your learner could decorate cakes and you could ask them to copy design (VP-MTS*: 11M) or label what you’ve drawn (Tact: 1-7M). Depending on how artistic or creative you are, this could be shapes, letters, numbers, or much more! (Writing: 11-13M). You could encourage listener responding around identifying objects or colours (LR±: 3M, 5-7M) or following instructions (LR±: 4M, 8M).

Preceding skills reference to the VB-MAPP Assessment tool:

Sundberg, M. L. (2008) Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program: The VB-MAPP. Concord, CA: AVB Press.


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